When tempering, the pressure tension is applied on the outer surfaces while heating and cooling phases are applied to the glass to give an indirect tensile center and the glass becomes more durable than the normal glass, and its resistance is increased against thermal stresses. When exposed to extreme power, it is the biggest factor in its use as a security glass that it splits into dice-sized pieces and reduce the risk of injury.

Our LAND GLASS brand glass tempering machine consists of 4 units including loading, heating, cooling and control units. Each unit has an integrated automatic controlled conveyor system.

The glass is loaded when tempered glass machine of which parameters are adjusted according to glass thickness and type reaches to the required temperature. The glass loaded in 4000 x 2500 millimeters area is transmitted to the Heat Unit and the glass remaining in the cooling unit is transferred to the final Control Section with the help of the conveyor. After the visual inspection is done and the label is pasted, it is ready for the other operation or shipment.

After the tempering process, cutting, drilling, edge and surface operations cannot be done on the glass. “Tempering marks”, which can only be noticed under some visual aspects and lighting conditions, are the inevitable and unavoidable result of heat treatment. With the sensitive heat regime applied during the tempering process, minimally reduced marks are not considered as a defect.

Areas of application are as follows; facade windows, railing windows, glass doors, furniture windows, auto windows, city furniture and industrial windows.