Laminated glass is formed by combining two or more glass parts under heat and pressure with the help of binding films (PVB). Thus, as the strength of the glass is enhances even if it is broken the glass doesn’t scatter and remains solid, so that the glass can be used as a safe place to protect against burglaries. Laminated glass is preferred in order to prevent the breakdown of the glass in the event of an accident and to prevent possible injuries.

Laminated glass does not change the transparency and permeability properties of normal glass, the optical properties of the binding films used and the optical properties of the glass are similar.

Acoustic laminated windows also feature sound insulation.

Our LEWEI SCIENCE brand laminating glass line consists of 8 units which are integrated as loading, washing, conveying instead of joining, furnace, pressing, final control and autoclaving.

After the start, all units are connected to each other. The glass in the requested dimensions is placed on the loading line. With the help of conveyor, the glass passing through the washing process is cleaned and rinsed. The glass coming to the next unit is brought to the assembly section with the help of vacuum levers with pneumatic system.

Binder film (PVB) is coated on the first glass. The other glass is placed on the first glass with the help of vacuum levers. In multiple laminates, the process is repeated. The prepared glass group is sent to the furnace with the help of conveyor. Binder film (PVB) reaches consistency between multiple glasses due to furnace temperature. The glass group passing through the furnace is pressed from the pressing section and passes through the final control.  The joined glass group is placed on the autoclave table.

LEWEI SCIENCE brand lamination tank applies pressure resistance to glass surface with 12 bar pressure and hot air. The lamination tank has 4 processes including loading, operating, cooling and cover opening. The adhesion of the binder film (PVB) between the glass groups is increased in a hot and pressurized volume. Laminated glass is produced with and without color polyvinyl butyral (PVB) binder film.