GoLive brand horizontal double edge grinding machines performs glazing for edges of the glasses up to max. 19 mm thickness and 4000 x 2500 mm size at 90°.

Our vertical grinding machine Z. BAVELLONI performs glazing for edges of glasses at max. 19 mm thickness at 90° or 45°slopes.


Forming, polishing and glazing of the edges and/or corners of shaped windows or mirrors are performed.

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Our Z. BAVELLONI brand beveling machine performs beveling process for glass and mirrors used in the furniture decoration industry. The surface and edges of glass and mirrors are beveled at the desired width (max. 30 mm) which gives a decorative appearance to the processed product.


This TESİR brand machine performs grinding on sharp edges of the glass placed on its band at once. It’s kind of a partial grinding process and edge image is dull.


With our TESİR brand machine performs perforation with or without counter bore with various diameter drill seamlessly. The design dimensions requested by the customer are saved to the computer and multi-hole operation is completed in a short time.


MAVI JET brand water jet cutting machine operated at 3-axis and performs perforation on max. 3×2 meter plate glass or mirror, processes different forms and writes texts on drawing size up to 200 mm glass thickness in the most accurate way.


The process of making glass surface passed through the cabin as opaque by sandblasting method. The operation is completed by spraying diamond sand on max. 1400 x 5000 mm glass when it passes through the cabinet with the adjusted band rate.