In our facility, we perform glass cutting (dimensioning) operations automatically at our CNC cutting tables.

Our facility consists of 4 units integrated to each other: Bottero brand Jumbo length cutting line loading robot, CNC cutting, breaking table, CNC laminated cutting table. The dimensions requested by the customer are transferred to the cutting table through the system. The loading robot, equipped with vacuum handles and moving automatically on rails, takes the jumbo sized glass plate from the defined stock area and moves it to the CNC cutting table. Plate is cut in a short time and transferred to the breaking table in CNC cutting bridge based on dimensions given by the computer. The glass cut and separated from each other is labeled and placed in the tables. Bottero CNC cutting machine can perform any cutting operation at any form and dimension at jumbo size seamlessly (3.21 x 6 meters).

Laminated glass to be measured on the Bottero laminated cutting table is automatically moved from the stock area to the cutting table by means of the same loading unit. In this system, first of all double sided glass cutting is performed and then special connector between the glass layers (PVB etc.) is melt by means of heating and cutting completed without touching by hand.

Our INTERMAC brand line is made up of 3 integrated units including loading robot, CNC cutting and breaking table. The line cuts the glass in the form requested by the customer seamlessly and transfer the special glass mold measurements to the computer through scanning. The dimensions of the mold given by the customer are scanned and the product is prepared for the next operation quickly.