Double glass production is performed using different glass combinations according to the needs to reduce and minimize the negative effects of external factors (light, heat, sound, impact effect) over the places where we live and to enhance security.  For example, it is possible to combine heat-insulating glass with solar-controlled glass to acquire both functions in the same product. Double glazing occurs as a result of the environmental connection of the plates to a depth with the help of plastic and elastic filler materials with the aluminum gap bar.

The cutting and bending operation of the aluminum gap bar is carried out automatically. Produced aluminum bar is filled with moisture receiver and then combined with corner clips. The first insulating material of the double glass is butyl is applied on both sides of the bar in the automatic machine.

Double glass joining and pressing operation is performed in glass joining machine. It consists of six integrated units, including loading, washing, drying, joining, pressing and final control, working with a maximum height of 2500 millimeters and a width of 3000 millimeters on the automatic progressive band. It is transferred to the double glass filling table from the integrated line.

Double glass edge filling material (Thiokol, polyurethane, silicone) is pumped through the pressurized system and the operation is completed by being pasting the above-the-bar gap between the two glasses.

All machines in the double glass production line (slitting and bending, damp receiver filling, butyl pull, automatic slitting, double glass production line, fill pumps) are the BEST MACHINE brand production.

Various glass types such as reflective, solar control coated, bronze, smoky, synergy, comfort and flat glass are available in our factory, where gas filling can be done in the form of tempered and/or laminated.

Our company is a double glass authorized manufacturer of registered ISICAM systems and guarantees 10 years warranty on our products under this title.